Friday, August 12, 2011

Five for Friday: Things I Own Too Many Of

My top 5 things I own too many of:

5. Lotions
I love the smell of some lotions. Love the idea of silky smooth moisturized skin. So I buy a bottle I like when I go to the store. And then buy another bottle at this other store. And then oh that smells so good and my skin is so dry so I should buy this one! The kicker? I never remember (or have the time...or maybe I'm too lazy) to put it on. Oh well.

4. Bottles of wine
How on earth did I collect so much wine? I guess I always get it as a gift. But for someone who hasn't really had a drink in 15 months due to pregnancy and breastfeeding, it's a little silly.

3. Rings and earrings
For someone who doesn't wear jewelry, I sure own a lot. But, you see, I want to be someone who wears jewelry.

2. Shoes
And not even nice shoes. Just shoes I grab at Target or Nordstrom Rack or wherever. And yes, of course I only really wear the same three pairs every month.

1. Scarves
You wouldn't believe how many scarves I own. It's truly embarrassing for someone who lives in a city that is almost always between 68 and 82 degrees.

What are your five?


  1. Haha this is funny!! (btw I still have to check out your vacation posts & pics)
    1. Clothes that don't fit :(
    2. Costume jewelry I never wear but it's so pretty :)
    3. Cd's that never get listened to!
    4. Coffee mugs
    5. Clutter in the garage :-0
    (Hope you had a great time away!)

  2. I love your scarf collection. I should obtain more scarves (esp. since I tend to wear one every day between October and March - just the same two).

    5. Sweaters. And by sweaters I mean cardigans and those loose flowy jersey things that are all the rage these days.
    4. Yarn. It's out of control, especially since every time I pick up a new knitting project, all the yarn I already have is completely unsuitable.
    3. Coats. For a while I was collecting vintage coats and justifying it by noting that I lived in Wisconsin.
    2. Complimentary bottles of shampoo, conditioner, and lotion from hotels. I compulsively hoard these, thinking, for some reason, that they're going to be helpful some day.
    1. Books. On the one hand, you can never have too many books. On the other hand, you can definitely have a shortage of shelf space.

  3. 1. Academic books- I have two six foot bookcases and still keep buying more.
    2. Cheap "leave anywhere" fiction books. I buy them at the library book sales (a grocery bag for $4) to read on trips, over the summer, etc. and get through only about ten a year but have a bookshelf full.
    3. Old tapes (including mix tapes you made and tapes I made of cds you have that I liked). I don't even have a tape player anymore, but I just can't let go.
    4. Notes. After four degrees worth of classes and reading, I have a full storage unit full of notes I can't part with in case I become a professor and have to use them to help me create courses. Plus, I put a lot of time and effort into that knowledge! I'd love to digitize them.
    5. Bags. My weakness is a nice N bag with lots of pockets. I'm not permitted to buy any without asking N, but people know I love them and so I keep getting more. I just barely gave away the free diaper bag I got when I got mijo.

  4. Oy, I have too many of all those same things. I was going to say I don't have too many scarves, but you know what? I do. Not dressy scarves, but warm scarves. To my credit, I don't think I've purchased any of them for myself...

  5. 5. Medical insurance paperwork. Not that I can really do anything about that though.

    4. Baby socks. They don't get put on feet ever. Too much effort.

    3. Personalized pencils. I had pencils printed on for our wedding intending to give them to guests along with their SuDoku books. That didn't happen. So now I have 500 pencils that say "Kelly & John August 8, 2008" on them.

    2. Make up. I've finally stopped buying it because I have enough to last me a lifetime since I only wear it once a blue moon. Except for cover-up... the yin to my dark eye circles' yang.

    1. Nail polish. It doesn't stay on my nails no matter what I do. So why do I keep buying it??

  6. These are all so great! The 500 personalized pencils made me laugh. Keep em coming!

  7. 5. Wrapping paper and ribbons.
    4. Clothes I wore four years ago before I was pregnant with my first. I haven't fit into them since. (so sad)
    3. Kids everything! Clothes, toys, books, blankets, burp cloths, shoes, etc. Too many because some never get used, but I still can't get myself to get rid of anything (except for the super obnoxious noisy toys!)
    2. Christmas decorations. Only about 20% gets used every year.
    1. MAGAZINES!!! I have boxes of magazines dating back ten years taking up precious storage space. For some reason I think someday I will go through them, pull out the pages I love, and organize them all in multiple binders for reference. Am I crazy??

  8. 5. ovulation predictor kits (probably expired by now). turns out i didn't need to purchase $200 worth on amazon because they can work the first time.
    4. flour. a whole freezer shelf. ap, ww, pastry, cake, bread, millet, brown rice, white rice, hazelnut, quinoa, amaranth, buckwheat. it's out of control.
    3. cardigans. CAN'T STOP.
    2. cookware. who needs three vegetable peelers and three dozen tart shells in random sizes that have been used once? a new mother who eats half her meals via the freezer-microwave route, that's who.
    1. black jersey knits. only thing that disguises the baby dirt/mess/goo, except for the telltale milk and snot, but it's not like i'm going to wear white.

  9. alicia, i hear ya on the clothes that don't fit. And stacey, $200 worth of ovulation kits? really? i'm sure one pack from CVS would have done the trick.