Thursday, August 11, 2011

Our first family vacation: Part 3

Two siblings, two cousins. It really is amazing that John's sister had a baby less than two months before us. Our visit to Pennsylvania was pretty short but packed full of fun and visitors. The whole reason for our visit was to catch John's sister and family on their way from Germany to Florida. And, to mark the occasion, my in-laws decided to throw a little "Meet the babies" party. Just a little get-together with 70 of their closest friends and families. It was such a great time and I'm so thankful that everyone went to so much trouble and traveled such great distances to be with us.

I have to say, our little guy did so much better on the trip than I could have ever imagined. He did well on the flights, earning compliments from passengers and flight attendants alike. The two hour car ride from the airport to the house was a little tougher but he settled into his loaner big boy convertible car seat with much patience.

He was even kind enough to pass out for 30 minutes to give his Aunt Joelle a break from his crying.

Grammy and Pop-pop pretty much nabbed the little guy the minute we got there and took advantage of every hour we were there.

There were lots of fun times with babies doing tummy time on the blanket.

There was a brief walk where the new moms and dads trekked out into the 85 degrees plus 100 percent humidity weather.

There was an extremely competitive game of ladder ball. (hint: Jack was not the competitive one).

There were garden gnomes (!!) that made Jack extremely suspicious.

Our little guy got to meet another February 2011 baby - little Cate Baker. It was also great to see her parents but it was definitely cute to see the babies interact. As usual, the older and bigger gal couldn't help but maul little Jack. I'm hoping this trend doesn't continue into his teens.

I really took so many pictures and we had such a great time that I could go on forever. But I'll just cut myself off and let a few more photos do the talking. Enjoy! (And if Jack looks a little out of it in most of the pictures, it's because I think the heat and humidity put him in a daze most of the time.)

Grammy, Jack, me, and Sophia

Eating carrots with cousin Kristen and Pop-pop.
Why am I wearing a sweater and scarf with 100% humidity? I have no idea.

Jack in his new favorite jumperoo

Jack and Pop-pop

Blurry, sweaty pic of cousins Lindsay and Sydney with Jack

John with his niece

Jack LOVES his books

But doesn't love skipping naps

Jack, far more interested in his wrapping paper than the actual gift.
I think this gets me off the hook for any expensive Christmas presents.

Baby cake for the party

John and his best man Kurt

The siblings in front of the sign their dad made for the party

One of my favorite pics! Grammy and Jack

Tired but happy after a long visit


  1. Mmmm nice visit. It makes ya wish that everyone lived on the same block and could do this all the time.

  2. Whoops, commented on the wrong post! Love the pic of Jack with the gnomes!