Monday, August 29, 2011

His Father's Son

This weekend was all about daddy and son time. The husband had his annual fantasy football draft and he was excited that Jack could be his team's co-manager. He even had special apparel for the big day. Might not make sense to most people, but "krautrock" means a lot to John and it's part of his team name.

To kick the weekend off, we were lucky enough to have a special guest fly in just for the draft. Our friend Ken was here for the weekend from Austin and Jack took quite a liking to him.

It might be because Ken has his own one year-old son at home, but the little guy felt pretty comfortable with him. Or maybe he was pretty stoked about the gift that he brought. Another special shirt to wear on the big day with his daddy's team logo.

Here's Jack checking out the 10 strange people on his couch yelling about football. As well as the giant draft board in the background.

Here's a couple of blurry photos of the boys making one of their picks.

And here are the boys and Ken fooling around and having fun.

Jack did really great even though it was a long day with lots of strangers invading his house. He was appropriately adorable and I can't wait to see him watch football this season with his dad. And, by the looks of it, he's out to win his fantasy league.


  1. And what was mummy doing?
    Did you take advantage of some 'me' time?
    Jack is ADORABLE!!

  2. love that "in it to win it" face!

  3. WOW! Lisa, you are a prolific blogger. I had to go waaay back thru your posts to find Jack's draft day adventures.

    Thanks again for hosting! I had a blast, and Jack is awesome!!