Saturday, August 27, 2011

Today Jack is...27 weeks old.

I have to say yet again, this age is so cool. It's such a joy being home with Jack. He can stay awake for more hours during the day, loves to laugh, and enjoys doing stuff. It's been great.

Our adventures in eating continued this week. I finally started making my own baby food and, guess what? Jack hates it. Of course. This kid. I should have known. I spent all this money on organic fruit and veggies and, so far, he hasn't liked any of it. He ate some of my banana plum concoction but hated my homemade applesauce as well as the sweet potatoes. I've yet to try to give him the mango pear puree but we'll see. He likes the store bought stuff. I guess his mom likes processed junk food so I shouldn't be surprised. He likes peaches and squash and sweet potatoes and doesn't seem to like apples. But he adores his cereal. He cries if I don't spoon it into his mouth fast enough. It's ridiculous. Also, he insists on eating with his arms like this. Every time. Bizarre.

He's working on his sitting and he can almost sit up unassisted. He's pretty good, I just have to keep my arms nearby so he doesn't fall over. Here he is after a few seconds of sitting and then, "whoa!"...time to topple.

With these new sitting skills, Jack likes to sit with us and just hang. He'll listen as I read him a book, or watch as daddy types on his computer. I love these pictures.

Jack's been getting better at falling asleep in other places (besides my arms). If he's exhausted, he'll pass out in the Bjorn or the stroller.

Jack's been babbling a lot and playing with different pitches and sounds. Sure, a lot of time he sounds like a pterodactyl but that's okay. He's learning.

Okay, now more pics from the week!

Early morning relaxing in bed

Still loving his bath time

Loving his jumperoo from Grammy

Beating the 109 degree heat in the pool

and because you can't see too many laughing videos...


  1. Aw, a laughing video! There is nothing better than a laughing baby. If only they would laugh when you get up for the umpteenth time to feed them at 2:30 in the morning... it might make the whole thing easier. :)

  2. oh sweet laughing Jack. He's supercute!

  3. So adorable!

    And I have to say, we love those store-bought fruit/veg purees that they sell in little snack-size bags. We never used them when Simon was a baby, but started buying them as a supplement for meals on the road.

  4. I love your posts on Jack, Lisa, he is so so so so CUTE!! I've lost count of how many weeks Liam is, he's 7mths though so not much of an age gap with your Jack :)
    Keep up with the home-made baby food, he may decide one day he likes it! I pureed a roast dinner the other night, looked absolutely gross but went down a treat hehehe
    Enjoy your weekend!!

  5. Kerry...pureeing a roast dinner?! wow. one day i might be brave enough to do that. and yes, your liam is almost the same age. he is so cute. :)