Wednesday, August 17, 2011

If at first you don't succeed...

We've come to discover that Jack doesn't like change. In fact, he seems to hate it. We'll try something new and he'll protest at first and then if we keep trying, lo and behold, he likes it. (of course, there are the car). He takes a bath every night and while we were in Pennsylvania, he had to go in a different bathtub. The first night? Screamed his head off. The second? Cried and then realized, oh wait, this is just fine. And proceeded to play and smile for the next 10 minutes.

But the best example is that whenever I give him his first bite of cereal or veggies for the day, he winces and puckers up, and makes a face like it's disgusting. Then after the second bite he's howling for more because I'm not spooning it in fast enough. This happens every single time. The same damn rice cereal. You think he'd remember that he likes it. But, no, his first reaction is protest and then "oh yeah, that's not that bad."

This is not at all shocking considering both of his parents hate trying new things and are much more comfortable doing the same things they've been doing every day, going to the same restaurants, and watching the same tv shows. So we really have to cut the kid some slack.


  1. Well, again, he may not like change, but like the two of you, he's also not totally unreasonable. Simon DEFINITELY does not like change. I guess he's not totally unreasonable, but until recently, it took him months (literally) to get used to anything. (I wonder where he gets that from....)

  2. I love that only his feet peek out from under the gigantic bib.

  3. Jack is so cute!! He has more hair than my Liam. I too love how you just see the feet and his head with his bib lol, adorable pics :)