Monday, September 5, 2011

6 Month Doctor's Visit!

The boys waiting for the doctor to come in...but squirming so much that the camera couldn't contain him!

This weekend Jack had his 6 month check-up (though he is 6 1/2 months old). The doctor was super happy that he had gained weight. Two pounds since his last appointment 6 weeks ago! Great news. Everything else checked out fine. She was happy that he can sit up and he also showed off how he can stand for a long time too (obviously with someone holding him). She commented how tan he was which, while I would take it as a compliment, may have also been a gentle suggestion to keep him out of the sun. No way! This kid loves being outside. I'm not keeping him cooped up inside. Or maybe she just did really love his complexion.

Our only instructions going forward was that we can increase the amount of food we give him. Especially since he clearly loves it and never really refuses food because he's full. He only refuses things like peas because they taste bad. I don't blame him. So we'll up the number of ounces we give him and see how it goes. She also said we could start giving him a sippy cup with water. Not because he needs water but so that he can practice with the cup. Fun!

She also asked about teeth and I proudly said that he finally had one on the bottom. She felt around and informed me that "Mommy, he has TWO teeth." Oops. Bad mom. Apparently he got his second tooth yesterday or at some point and I missed it. I was busy paying attention to other things! Like how adorable he is!

Here are his stats:

Weight: 15 pounds, 3 ounces (still 10th percentile but that's okay)
Height: 26.75 inches (50th percentile)


  1. the popular kids just can't help being tan :)
    So excited for the weight gain and the graduation to sippy cups!

  2. Good work with the feeding! And I can already anticipate the cuteness of seeing Jack with a sippy cup....

    As for the teeth, I never had a good grasp of how many teeth Simon had when they were coming in. It's hard to tell a lot of the time.