Saturday, September 3, 2011

Today Jack is...28 weeks old.

Jack and I have been having a lot of fun. I've been trying to do activities and outings with him so that a) it tires him out, b) he gets to see new and interesting things, and c) I get to get out of the house and therefore stay sane. We have a little playgroup once a week and Jack is making friends. Of course, it's almost all girls (one boy but he barely ever comes) and Jack is the youngest kid. But he loves watching all the girls and it's fun to see him warming up and laughing and smiling more at them. Here he is with his friend Abigail before pool time.

He has started to be more interested in the things that John and I use on a daily basis... our car keys, my hair brush, a water bottle. Here's a series of pics I call "Bottle: A Study in Desire".

He also seems very interested in the food I'm eating but, when I give him some finger foods to try to gnaw on, he'll have none of it. Doesn't even really want to touch it. What he does want though? MORE CEREAL! Like, NOW, mommy.

He's slowly learning some new moves too. He can't move forward or backwards, but he can do a 360 spin on his stomach. He is also getting very good at sitting! It's so cute to see him sitting up and playing with toys like a big kid. I can't believe my little baby can sit up.

In other news, Jack's first tooth broke through! It's still not big enough to show up on a picture, but it's definitely through the skin. And it's sharp. And the little guy has taken to biting me when he's nursing. Not cool. Not sure how to stop this as I've tried ignoring it as well as saying "no" in a stern voice. Usually he just looks up and gives me the biggest smile. It makes it very hard to stay mad at him.

And now, more pics from the week!

Oh, hello there camera.

"Crabby but cute" indeed.

In bed after an early morning wake-up, as usual

Pensive stroller ride

Playing with wet hair

Continued fascination with the pool

Waiting for our morning Starbucks

And then there's this video. Excuse my singing but he literally thought this song was the funniest thing he's ever heard. So hysterical.


  1. Aww this is so cute!! Loved the video of your little guy :)
    Don't worry about your singing, I'm convinced Liam thinks I'm a nutcase lol the way I speak and sing to him hehe
    Such a cute boy you have there Lisa, aren't they so much fun!!

  2. Hee hee hee the video is terrific--as is your song, Lisa :)