Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Baby Mum Mums

Yesterday Jack successfully digested his first finger food. Sure, I was hoping it would have been a banana, or a cooked carrot, or a peach slice... But of course, what does my rice cereal loving baby eat? A Baby Mum Mum. Which is basically a rice cracker that melts in your mouth. I don't mind though. He's learning how to maneuver food from his hand to his mouth and that's all that matters. And, although you might not be able to tell from the photos above, I think he really enjoyed it.


  1. Those things really are great, aren't they? Nice work with the finger foods, Jack!

  2. Aww cute!! Looks yummy :)
    It's fun introducing new foods to them isn't it, the excitement is priceless lol

  3. go jack! i just don't understand these babies and their resistance to eating food. of course back in the puree days, when i tried to feed violet a "summer vegetable blend" - sounds delish, right? - she violently objected, so i sampled it. OMFG SO NASTY. but objecting to refined carbs? insanity! so happy he likes the mum mums.