Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Date night(s)

John's mom is in town so this weekend we were lucky enough to go on not one but TWO date nights. These would be the first since Jack was three weeks old. So it had been a while. And guess what? It was awesome. We didn't even talk about our son the whole time.

The first night we just went out to dinner and, for this momentous event, we wanted to choose a restaurant that was close because, even if we didn't talk about Jack the whole time, I still wanted to be close. What? I was more than ready for a date but I wasn't THAT brazen. So we chose a place a few miles away that we'd been wanting to try. And there's pretty much one reason we've been wanting to try it.... the chef:

"Top Chef" is one of my favorite shows and, of course, Fabio was a favorite of mine (and 99 percent of all other viewers). So we headed to his restaurant and I guess I shouldn't have been shocked it was packed. Good thing I made a reservation. We had a great dinner and even glimpsed the man himself wandering from table to table doing his charming Italian thing.

The next night was even a bigger date because we went to a concert at the Hollywood Bowl. It's one of my favorite places ever to hear live music. Even if you're not that into the band or performance, it's worth it just to go for the venue. Fortunately though, I was way into the band. Or bands. I went for The National but also loved the opening acts, Neko Case and Sharon Van Etten. We were lucky enough to be sitting in a box up front and had a great time. And you know what? Jack survived both date nights. Yay!


  1. Yay for date night! My husband and I are getting one of those this weekend, and I'm so excited!! And FABIO?! Love him!

  2. Love that you guys got out! And your hair looked great - did you hire someone to do it? ;)

  3. Grandma's are the best--here's hoping she's coming back next week for a new weekly tradition of date night!

  4. ...not to mention that Grandma LOVED being with Jack.

  5. yay team dietrick! but seriously, how did you stay up so late? i'm impressed.