Friday, September 23, 2011

Five for Friday: Obscure (TV)Movies I Love

I don't really know what to call these five but basically it's obscure movies/tv movies that I loved when I was a kid. And by "obscure" I mean that I'm almost sure none of you have seen them. If you have, you're awesome.

Okay, upon review, I think all of these are Disney TV Movies. Sorry, but that's how it turned out. They are amazing.

5. Polly (1989)
Basically this is a black version of Pollyanna starring Keisha Knight Pulliam and Phylicia Rashad from "The Cosby Show". Yup, that says it all. Fantastic.

4. Camp Cucamonga (1990)
If you didn't see this when you were a kid, you missed out. Sure, I doubt it holds up but it was awesome at the time. A musical about kids and counselors at summer camp featuring Jennifer Aniston, Candace Cameron, Winnie Cooper, Urkel, and a whole bunch of 80s TV kids. I still know the "Camp Cucamonga" song.

3. Rock n' Roll Mom (1988)
Okay, a ridiculously fun movie starring Dyan Cannon as a housewife who, guess what? can sing and write rock songs. She is transformed into a rock n' roller and gets caught up in the Hollywood lifestyle but, again, guess what? She learns what is important is her family and her old friends.

2. Little Match Girl (1987)
I can't believe that I have two movies on this list starring Keisha Knight Pulliam but, there it is. This film is a Christmas movie and has that holiday magic that I love. I love it so much that a few years ago I bought a VHS version on eBay. Of course, I have VCR so I don't know how I'll ever watch it but, nonetheless, I own it!

1. Parent Trap 2, 3, and 4 aka Hawaiian Honeymoon (1986 and 1989)
So I realize that 3 movies are listed at #1 but how could you separate all of these Parent Trap sequels? Truthfully, these movies are light years ahead of the other 4 I listed. I LOVE them. Probably PT3 is my favorite. 3 and 4 star the Creel twins who are pretty amazing. One of them was on "Saved By The Bell" (but I can't be bothered to figure out which one). Anyways, I can't even say any more about these because I want to pop in my DVDs and watch them right now.


  1. What does it say about me that I've seen all but the Hawaiian Honeymoon? My brother is converting our old VHS' and Rock n' Roll Mom is one of them. I loved these in the days before Netflix and when my parents couldn't afford a lot of movies so we just taped these ones and watched them over and over.

  2. Does it count that I used to love Pollyanna and Parent Trap starring Hayley Mills??

  3. that totally counts kerry. those are just too classic to put on an obscure list.
    and rosina, you need to see Hawaiian honeymoon! it's awesome.

  4. Camp Cucamonga oh yeah! Awesome list Lisa!