Saturday, September 24, 2011

Today Jack is...31 weeks old.

This week brought even more developments. He loves his walker and is good at walking backwards. Sadly, he hasn't figured out how to go forward. But that's okay. He adores sitting and standing and begs for me to hold his hands so he can pull himself up. It's great but it also means that he hates laying down now. I lay him down to put on clothes or change his diaper and he starts yelling and crying. So, we stand a lot all day.

When he agrees to lay down on his activity mat he rolls all over the place. He's constantly trying to sit up and get on his knees and just generally move more than his body knows how to. He's almost pulling himself up to a standing position by holding on to a table or his crib bar. It's fairly amazing. Of course, with all these attempts at new moves, he has fallen a few times and bumped his head which doesn't make him very happy. But a quick trip outside cheers him right up.

Of course, with all the bragging about what a great age he's at, this week was a little tougher. He was fussy and grumpy and whiny for no reason. He's been crying when I try to feed him his purees, he is frantic during breastfeeding, and he generally will scream and cry at various times for no reason. I can't figure out what it is. It may be teething but he wasn't this way when he got his bottom teeth. It might be a growth spurt but he's not super hungry. I don't know. I'm just hoping it subsides soon.

He's gotten a little better at eating solid foods. Though I use the word "eating" loosely. He's gotten better at sucking and playing with solid foods, like bananas.

We've also been trying to get him to use the sippy cup but he just doesn't seem to get it. Oddly enough though, he's been grabbing at my glass of water when I'm drinking. So I started putting it to his mouth and tilting it in a little and, guess what? He can totally drink it. Very exciting.

For all of his fussiness, we still had a good time this usual.

And now, more pics from this week!


  1. He's getting big! Very expressive too.

    We never used the sippy cup. Went straight to straws on the advice of the dentist who says it helps develop more muscles in the mouth. My Mom just used a cup for all four of us. She got a tiny one ounce one. Nice that Jack's already getting a cup!

  2. I LOVE the pic of him in the orange stripe outfit where he looks like he is yelling. Adorable.