Friday, September 30, 2011

Five for Friday: Recent Purchases

My 5 most recent purchases:

5. Outdoor baby swing to hang from our tree for Jack
4. Grande Decaf Americano with soy milk
3. Halloween onesie (for Jack, not me)
2. Cauliflower to make spicy roasted cauliflower with capers
1. Episode from the first season of "The West Wing" on iTunes for $1.99


  1. But I am sure Jack would love to see his mummy in a onesie!! Maybe you could post a pic :)
    Have a fab weekend you guys!!

  2. my list is super boring, be warned:

    5. wedding gift (cash)
    4. gas
    3. groceries (including cauliflower that was roasted last night and delicious! also including little mozzarella balls for violet - rejected)
    2. new snack traps for violet, since she associates her "monkey cup" with cheddar bunnies and throws anything else overboard. we'll see if we can trick her into eating other snacks from different cups.
    1. coffee & biscotti, already in my belly

    i got a halloween onesie for violet too, and it's awesome. it's just white with orange lettering that says "great pumpkin neighborhood watch." she has worn it only once so far, and it has already suffered a poop leak. come on!

  3. p.s. first season of the west wing! makes me happy just thinking of watching it.

  4. 5. Chick-fil-A nuggets and waffle fries (for Simon)
    4. Veggie quesadilla w/guac (for me)
    3. Black Adder on DVD (damn you, Amazon gold box deal of the day!)
    2. Moby wrap
    1. East, West by Salman Rushdie (damn you, cheap movers who lost a bunch of our stuff when we moved from WI to CA)

    And hooray for the West Wing! Martin Sheen (and Emilio) are going to be on campus tomorrow to talk about their new movie. I am already having fantasies about Martin Sheen shouting at God in the Basilica.

  5. Martin Sheen is awesome. He was in my last movie and the nicest guy possible. Super super Catholic. And cool because he doesn't make a big deal about it. We had to rearrange the schedule a little because he got a PRIVATE AUDIENCE with the pope. rad.

  6. 5. Gina the Giraffe from the Droid App market for Johnny (he's obsessed)
    4. canvas from Michaels to make a Christmas gift
    3. weekly groceries from Sprouts (mostly produce)
    2. weekly groceries from Vons
    1. diapers from Target

    I actually had to look back at my receipts to see what I've been spending money on since I can't remember. Probably because it's a really boring list.