Thursday, September 1, 2011

Forest Ranger? Gardener? Landscape Architect?

This kid is hard to entertain. Like really hard. He usually couldn't care less about his toys. Animals? Eh. I got him 4 inches from a horse today and he didn't even react. But get him outside with some trees? He's mesmerized. He can't get enough. He paws at the leaves, he whips his head back and forth from tree to tree. If he's crying, I take him outside. If he's tired, I take him outside. If he wants to play, I take him outside. I'm really hoping for a future forest ranger. I'd like a discount to our national parks.


  1. better get your camping gear ready!

  2. Ah, I baby after my own heart. Can I steal him and teach him the names of California's native plants? :)