Friday, October 28, 2011

Five for Friday: Things I Can't Do

My 5 Things I Can't Do

5. Ride on rollercoasters without getting sick
4. Eat peas, carrots, or celery
3. Ice skate or roller skate
2. Run long distances (I won't specify the distance for fear of embarrassing myself)
1. Sleep in


  1. You can't eat peas or carrots?! I didn't know that! And I can't run AT ALL, but I won't include that.

    5. Eat seafood, for purely psychological reasons.
    4. Drive stick.
    3. Drink beer. (Except Chimay, in small quantities)
    2. Drive more than 10 feet in DC without becoming enraged.
    1. Kill bugs in the house, unless they are microscopically small.

  2. well, i "can't" eat carrots and peas because I think they're disgusting. And I pretty much agree with you on #4, 3, and 1. :)

  3. I take it you've never ridden California Screamin' then lol
    I don't like celery, I can't ice-skate, I can't run but I can sleep in :)