Saturday, October 29, 2011

Today Jack is...36 weeks old.

What a week. Obviously. I have to say though, Jack seems happier than ever. Happier with a cast on than without. Maybe we should think about making this permanent.... ;)

Of course, with a cast, I still get a lot of comments. Though yesterday it wasn't the type of comments I thought I would get. I strapped him in the Bjorn and went to Target. I didn't take a picture but here he is 30 minutes before.

See what's going on with his feet? I have to keep a sock on his cast because he's constantly walking on it and a) grinding down the cast so it's becoming smooth on the bottom and b) walking through mud so it's getting filthy. So I bought a set of boys socks that fit over the cast and put it on. Guess what I got in Target? Literally FIVE people coming up to me to tell me that it looked like Jack had lost a sock. Really? That's nice but don't you see that one of his feet might be slightly larger than the other? And by "slightly" I mean ten times the size? Hmm...weird.

The real news this week is, now that his walking is a bit impeded, he's started to crawl! Just an army crawl but still, forward progress! Check it out.

Of course, with his new found freedom, he heads straight for the bushes. Typical.

This week we also got him a new little chair so he could sit at the big table. He seems to love it! Bangs on the table and likes sitting with me while I eat.

And now, more pics from the week!

He is so into his reflection nowadays. It's adorable.

He really does enjoy the swing but hates when I whip out my camera.


Love this pic. Reading his "Animals" book like we do every morning in bed. He makes us read it about 5 times, give or take.


  1. Hehehe your child has really big feet lol
    How silly of some people!
    Cute pics :)

  2. Pleeeeeease come to Austin! Our boys would get along famously. Glad to hear Jack is OK with the cast.