Tuesday, October 4, 2011

Link Award

The lovely Kerry was nice enough to make me one of the recipients of this Link Award.

So what I'm supposed to do is link back to some of my previous posts in the following seven categories and then pass the award on to seven other blogs that I enjoy. Normally I wouldn't bore you with links to my old posts but I figure I should do what my nice Australian blog friend says.

Most Beautiful - Has to be the little guy's birth story. That's part one and here's part two. I'm so happy we both took the time to chronicle every detail. Because right now if you asked me to tell you Jack's birth story I'd say, "I got induced and then I had him 24 hours later."

Most Popular - This post detailing Jack's nursery decor is the most popular page on my blog by a mile. Probably because of all the Ohdeedoh.com people popping over.

Most Controversial - Funny enough, one of the most popular Google searches to get to my blog is "forward facing stroller dangers". Not that it's a controversy, but apparently people think it's a raging debate.

Most Helpful
- Learn all about me in 25 items or less!

Most Surprisingly Successful - Pretty much a lot of the Five for Fridays could qualify but this particular one on TV Moms is funny because so many people get to the blog after searching "Claire Huxtable". Who knew Mrs. Cosby was still relevant?

Most Under-rated
- Under-rated means that I actually think any of my posts are worth a damn but, really, it's just me rambling. But I chose to link all of his weekly birthday posts because, are you serious? Have you seen how cute all those pictures I take of Jack are?

Most Pride Worthy - I love all the posts that my husband writes but this one on "life after baby" is just so darn cute.

Now I'm supposed to pass the award on to seven other blogs I read....which may be hard. Let's cheat and do five...

1. BabyDurso
2. MiniLynn
3. BabyBodden
4. A Mighty Fine Life
5. Growing Up Senge


  1. Hi!! Blogger was playing up last night and I couldn't comment :(
    Great post Lisa!! I will play catch up and read these older posts you've mentioned...You're one of my fave blogs I read daily and I love ALL your gorgeous pictures!!
    Thanks for your sweet comment :)