Monday, November 21, 2011

Fall Cleaning

I had a very productive weekend and took advantage of some very lovely daddy and son time. While they played, I cleaned out my closet and, man, doesn't that always make you feel good? Lighter somehow. Jack really enjoyed climbing on top the mountain of hangers that piled up on our bed. And John was nice enough to watch the boy all afternoon yesterday while I read "The Hunger Games". I've had the book for months but hadn't had a chance to start it. After much prodding by friends who declared it "AMAZING", I decided to crack it open. 400 pages and 3 hours later I emailed my friends to tell them they were right. It was quite a good read. And a fast one. Now I can't wait for the movie next year. (Though I'm not sure about some of the casting....)

Hope you got a lot done this weekend too!


  1. Liam Hemsworth? Mmmmm mmm mmm (and don't tell me you live near him also lol)
    Hey great job cleaning out! I too had a productive weekend of clearing and sorting...

  2. Yay! Glad you got some you time and finally read The Hunger Games. Cleaning out closets does make me feel lighter. So much easier after not wearing clothes for so long when pg/nursing.

  3. I really need to read The Hunger Games. Everyone's been raving about it, but I take your endorsement as the final nudge that I need to actually motivate me to obtain a copy....

    Also, GOOD LORD that's a big pile of hangers.