Tuesday, November 22, 2011

Goodbye baby gear

Well, Jack has pretty much outgrown most of his baby gear. We've packed away his co-sleeper, his swing, etc. His bouncy seat should be packed up as well but he just loves the darn thing. He uses it as his own personal jungle gym. He uses it to stand up, climbs over it, and kneels in front of it. Unfortunately a lot of the time he'll also slip and do a face plant. So this morning John plopped him in the seat for a first time in a while and he sat straight up and studied the little moving bubbles and fish. And when I say studied I mean STUDIED. He was about an inch away from it and couldn't take his eyes off of it. So cute.


  1. Packing away the swing! I seriously cannot believe that he is nine months.

  2. Isn't it sad to pack away, but exciting too because they are at such a fun age now!! Love his studying face :) so cute!

  3. bittersweet to pack that stuff up - except for the medela pump in style, i'm guessing!

    looks like a trip to the aquarium is in order. :)