Friday, November 4, 2011

Five for Friday: Things I Love About Fall

My Top 5 Things I Love About Fall:

Okay, I realize that LA doesn't get a "real" Fall but still, there's a slight climate shift.

5. The coffee I get on my morning walk tastes even better now that it's actually chilly outside.

4. I get to wear my scarves, boots, and coats.

3. Christmas decorations arrive in stores.

2. Baked goods made with pumpkin are everywhere.

1. Thanksgiving. Already looking forward to a delicious and decadent family meal with turkey, gravy, stuffing, potatoes, and cranberry!


  1. I love this list. I agree with all 5 - I especially love #5. And since I've spent the last 11 years (egads!) living in places with "real" fall, I do have to say that the leaves are pretty fantastic. And, at the same time, I also love fall because it means that it's not ridiculously humid anymore.

  2. agree with taryn about #5 - well said! i've been slacking on these lists - what can i do? what can i not do? those threw me for a loop! :) - but this one is easy.

    5. that change in the air
    4. big warm sweaters
    3. pumpkins and winter squash, sweet and savory
    2. the hunt for the best apples
    1. christmas lights, decorations and music

  3. What time should I come over for Thanksgiving dinner then?