Saturday, November 5, 2011

Today Jack is...37 weeks old.

Another cast week down and he was mostly all smiles. We've decided that he's so happy nowadays because of his new-found crawling freedom. He LOVES being able to get around. he crawls and chases around his ball. He crawls to the curtains to play with them. He'll follow me around rooms too. He came dangerously close to crawling into the garage a few times but he didn't know how to negotiate the steps.

(Excuse the mad man hair...he had just woken up for a nap.)

I guess the best part of the crawling is that it means he's happier to play on his own for a few minutes. Sometimes as many as 15! Amazing. It's so cute to watch him entertain himself.

His eating is still going pretty well. He loves his fruit purees and has started eating the little pieces of fruit that I put in his mouth. He loves kiwi, cantaloupe, pineapple, strawberry, and watermelon. He got a hold of the watermelon rind this week and went to town.

My milk supply seems to be dwindling more than ever and I've started giving him a bottle a day because he seems like he needs it. I can see breastfeeding slowly coming to an end (though hopefully not in the immediate future) and it's a bummer. For bonding, sappy reasons but also because it's how I calm him down and put him to sleep. So, without nursing, I'm not sure what I'll do.

I also feel like I'd be remiss in not mentioning sleep...even if it's just for me to document it. He was sleeping pretty well but this past week he had some bad nights. Unusually bad nights. I'm wondering if this is the 8/9/10 month sleep regression that I've been reading about. He'll wake up around 11:30 or 12:30 and just be wide awake. Nothing can get him back to sleep. Not bouncing, not nursing, nothing. It's just terrible. He stays awake for about 2 hours. I'm really hoping these bad nights are few and far between because they make for a very tired mom and dad.

He still loves mirrors so we have a good time making funny faces. He also watches me try to high five him and practice waving and I think he's finally starting to get it! Maybe.

And now, more pics from the week!

Smiling at Aunt Leslie's dogs, off camera.

Not that you can tell, but rooting on the Steelers with Daddy's hat

Asleep because he was completely bored with my wandering through the Christmas decoration aisles. I don't know why he didn't find it fascinating.

Plum and grape puree...yum!

And this is one of John's favorite pictures of all time. He thinks he looks like a Disney character. I think it's pretty cute too. I just wish he wasn't sitting in front of a toilet. But, hey, I have to brush my teeth at least once a day. :)


  1. Jack looks great in all of your photos, but I agree with John - that last photo is so adorable. Sorry to hear about the sleep and the breastfeeding. I agree with the crawling thing - it is amazing and my arms enjoy those 10 minute breaks. ;)

  2. I also agree - that last picture is awesome. And I hope his sleeping evens out again, though it's great to hear about all his crawling! I'm sorry to hear that your supply is down, but you really should feel good about how long you've been nursing, especially after a start that would discourage anyone: you're amazing.

    Also, what's he wearing in that first picture? I love the print.

  3. In the first picture he's wearing Circo pajamas from Target. :)

  4. I'm sorry to hear about your supply. I agree with t, though, it's awesome that you've been able to nurse for this long, though I know it doesn't make it any easier that it might be coming to an end. Do you have a bottle recommendation? I think we'll probably be investing this week.

  5. christmas aisle, awesome! so glad he fell asleep so you could linger!

    totally as a sole data point, but i've completely quit pumping now that violet takes all cow's milk at daycare, so basically she nurses 7am and then not again until 8:30pm, and my supply has adjusted (i.e. dropped and seemingly stabilized). my ped said that she's probably getting enough milk just from those nursings, but to tell you the truth, i think the nursing is more supplemental because she's drinking about 12 oz of milk at daycare, plus at least a serving of cheese/yogurt/cottage cheese.

    my reluctance (laziness/apprehension/sappiness) to actively wean means i've now entered the nursing toddler arena whether i like it or not. she is much more cognizant of her requests to nurse now and seems to do it just because it's fun to point at my boobs, say "mememememe" and get what she wants. sometimes she latches on and then doesn't even drink anything, so i know it's not hunger some of the time. i'm working on distraction and/or offering another drink/snack rather than always giving in. usually i'm met with a vehement "no" head shake and "memememe."

    sorry to be so long-winded, but imho, you can probably continue to nurse for comfort/calming/etc for longer than you think, even with a supply drop and supplementing. but maybe you won't want to!