Friday, November 25, 2011

Five for Friday: Things I'm Thankful For

Obviously in honor of Thanksgiving...

My Top 5 Things I'm Thankful for:

5. a Starbucks in walking distance - I know that's ridiculous. But the fact that I can take Jack for a walk and get a hot cup of coffee each morning really makes every day so much better.

4. Blogging - I'm thankful that I get to keep an online journal and photo album of Jack's life (without all the actual work of a real baby book.) I'm happy that relatives near and far can keep up with the little guy and that my friends and fellow moms can chime in and give me advice and encouragement.

3. DVR/Tivo - Seriously. The ability to digitally record television has changed my life. After a long (sometimes very trying) day with Jack, all I want to do is unwind on the couch in front of some entertaining TV. Thanks to my DVR, I never miss any of the shows I want to watch. Sure, you could see this as a negative but, truly, I watch so little TV these days that I am ecstatic to be able to keep up with the few shows I really love. And to be able to skip every commercial ever.

2. Our house - I love our house. Always have. But now that we have Jack I am so so grateful that we have space for him and his baby gear. And most of all I'm grateful that we have a nice big backyard. What would our little nature lover have done if we were stuck in an apartment?

1. My family - I could have really just made this number 1 thru 5 but that would be so boring and so sappy. But I am extremely thankful for the health of my parents, siblings, relatives and, most of all, my boys - John and Jack.

How about you?

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