Saturday, November 26, 2011

Today Jack is...40 weeks old.

40 weeks old! Man, we are quickly approaching 52 weeks. Just insane. In some ways it's flying others, man, killing time til his bedtime is rough when he's in a bad mood. But even with his odd whining this week, that beaming smile above keeps me sane.

I wrote this post before Thanksgiving so I'll have those pics later in the week. Ever since he got his cast off he's been super moody and just fussy. I don't know if it's actually the cast or if it's teething (his two top teeth came in) or if it's a 9 month growth spurt. All I know is that he is fighting sleep hard. He'll be exhausted and yet squirm and kick and cry when I try to get him to sleep. Ahh, more sleep talk. I just hope he gets over it soon.

In the meantime he's into everything. I have to watch him pretty carefully because he likes to explore.

After months and months of trying to teach him, I think he finally learned how to wave. Of course, he doesn't do it every time but I did manage to capture it on film.

Okay, sadly, I don't have many pics this week. Here are the rest...Enjoy!

had to include this...a beautiful Fall day in LA

One of my favorite pics

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  1. Please tell me that is not your street!! Jealous!! LOL
    Jack is 40 weeks? Wow, so Liam must be something like 44 weeks then, how on earth have you managed to keep count in weeks? :)
    He's just adorable, so handsome, I always love your pics :)