Wednesday, November 23, 2011

Free at last!

Well, it's off. RIP baby cast. And let me tell you, that thing smelled. Like death. Thank goodness it's finally off.

He was in good spirits in the doctor's office, making his new scrunched up funny face.

Maybe he knew he was going to get his cast off. Or maybe he was just excited that daddy decided to go to work late so he could be there with him. He did look pretty cute though. Waiting on the exam table.

But then the assistant came in to saw off the cast and the machine made a pretty loud noise. He wasn't that into it.

And then, suddenly, it was off. And he was like, "what's that?"

Then, "Oh!"

He seemed okay all day yesterday. He immediately was sitting, army crawling, kneeling, etc. He still army crawled by only pushing off on his good foot but that's okay. He was walking with me and standing at the coffee table just fine. But, there is one sad effect. I was so excited about our nighttime routine because he could finally take a bath. This is the kid who used to love baths and jumped in the pool every summer. So it broke my heart when I set him in the bath and he had a meltdown. Screaming, crying, kicking. I took him out obviously and he wanted nothing to do with that tub. No matter what I did. And I obviously know he'll get over it. I'm just hoping it doesn't last too long.

At least he's back on his two adorable little baby feet.


  1. So glad that the cast is off! And I love the scrunched up face - E is doing it too and I love it!

  2. I'm so glad for you all--what a Thanksgiving blessing.

  3. yay!! i love the "what's that" face.

    and i'm so sorry about bath time! he'll change his mind fast, i'm sure of it. violet loves to grab at the running water while the tub fills up these days - maybe he would like that sitting up?

  4. Hooray!!! I'm so glad you took pictures of the big event - his expressions are so awesome. So great to see both his little feet again!