Tuesday, November 8, 2011

Soothing Sounds

As is well documented on this blog, Jack has never loved car rides. Thank goodness he's past the "screaming until he chokes" phase that lasted 3 1/2 months. And he's also past general crying every time we get in the car. Now we're in a pretty good place. He stares out the window, he looks at himself in the mirror, he plays with the seat straps, he babbles away...generally he's pretty good. Until he's not of course. But I've found something that soothes him - classical music. We listen to the local classical music station and it's so damn relaxing. For Jack and for me. And it's listener-sponsored which means no commercials. Jack just focuses intently on the music. During particularly rousing pieces with horns, etc. he even "sings" along. Of course, the classical music doesn't trump my singing of camp songs, but it's a good backup.


  1. I finally made a pledge this year to the classical music station because it's all that we've been listening to since Linus was born. He remains skeptical of all my music....

  2. Also, I can't believe that I left that comment without commenting on how incredibly awesome it is that he doesn't mind the car rides!

    That is incredibly awesome. And you and John are champions for making it through that long 3 1/2 month period.

  3. god i'm so jealous. i try to get violet into KUSC, but she still prefers me singing or the kid-voice CDs, kill me. i fade into KUSC if she falls asleep, but man, my girl could use a little culture.