Thursday, November 10, 2011

What is this Pacific Standard Time you're talking about?

This is the picture of a boy who is lately confused by a) darkness while he's still awake and b) extremely cold temperatures. (Okay, 50 degrees but that's pretty damn cold compared to the majority of his life.) And, yes, those are mittens.

I think he's slowly getting used to it though and I'm having fun buying warm clothes. He certainly wears a hoodie quite well.


  1. This immediately made me think of all the times when I've seen photos of you bundled up in a scarf, clutching a hot beverage and then I find out later that it was something like 57 degrees when it was taken. Ah, the beauty of growing up in SoCal....

    Still, like his mother, Jack looks cute in winter accessories. I love the little mittens :)

  2. And while things cool down for you, they warm up for me!! Have a great weekend :)