Saturday, December 3, 2011

Today Jack is...41 weeks old.

We had a great week this week. Maybe it's the holiday season but we had a lot of fun. His sleep bounced back once he got back into his own crib. Perhaps he just likes to sleep in his own bed like his father.

He is going crazy trying to stand up and walk. He grabs on to everything and stands up.

Of course, when he stands there is a 90 percent chance of him then falling down. I try to catch him but often times I am not right there to hold onto him. He bangs his head, cries, and then usually recovers within a minute. Then he's back at it again. And he doesn't discriminate...he'll climb anything.

This week he's been obsessed with doors. Opening them and closing them. He'll do it for minutes at a time. (Which is as good as an hour to a 9 month old). It's so cute to see his mind working as he figures out how it all works.

He's got his top two teeth and now three teeth on the bottom. He is constantly putting anything and everything in his mouth. Paper, leaves, grass, pens, dirt, spoons, coasters, etc. Anything he can tough he wants to bite.

We're looking forward to the Christmas season which I'll blog about soon. In the mean time, here are more pics from the week!

He loved the crinkly noise that all the leaves made

Playing with handfuls of sand

Staring up at the Starbucks lamps...they are cool looking.

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  1. That kid just keeps on getting cuter. You definitely need a video of him playing with the door....