Saturday, December 10, 2011

Today Jack is...42 weeks old.

Who is that kid?! Certainly not my baby. That's a real life little kid with front and bottom teeth, a full head of hair, and he's standing up on his own! Just crazy. He looks so old all of a sudden. I see him standing and cruising all around our living room and our bedroom and I just can't believe it's the same tiny blob we brought home 9 months ago.

Anyways, as I said earlier this week, he's into everything. Yesterday he figured out cabinet doors so we need to get those child locks on asap.

He is still enamored with doors and will open and close them again and again. I didn't take a video but I do have a little sampling of what it looks like...

He's been pretty good with the Christmas tree. I'm not sure we need this fence around it but it makes me feel better when I leave him alone in the family room for a quick second.

The Christmas moose on the other hand, needs no protection. They are good friends.

Unfortunately this week was tainted by what I can only describe as hellish sleep. He's regressed back to his 5 month sleep habits which I haven't missed. We're up with him around 11 for an hour or so and then again at 2:30 or 3 for another hour. And then he's up at 5 or 6. It's a damn shame because he's so cute and lovable during the day...not sure why he has to turn into a devil child during the night. I'm sort of at a loss what to do...wait it out, take drastic measures...I don't know. Just want it to stop!

Speaking of hellish weeks, Jack took time out of his busy schedule to write his Aunt Julie a message.

And now, more pics from the week!

Enjoying his play table which he literally stands at for hours a day

Look at those eyes!

One of the funniest faces I've ever captured. As John says, very punk rock.


  1. Suggestion for sleep: The Baby Whisperer. I don't know if you've read her books, but I'm a big fan of hers and I think her techniques would work well with Jack's temperament. She advocates never leaving your baby alone to cry it out, but at the same time advocates taking action to get your own sleep back. Check them out from a library and then look at for a little help. I've been getting support from the moms on there with Hank's nap issues and they've been really helpful.

    Can't believe he's looking so big these days!

  2. Wow that kid seriously just keeps getting cuter and cuter!!! Isn't it funny how they have to explore everything but their toys lol
    Look at him on the move!! And that moose is pretty cute too :)

  3. He is the cutest! And I think we need a Christmas moose.

  4. Christmas moose is hilarious--is he Rudolph's bodyguard?