Thursday, January 5, 2012

Jack's First Christmas

This is a bit overdue so I apologize but I'm just now sorting through the tons of pictures from Christmas and catching up. We had such a really nice time for Jack's first Christmas. It was neat to see him have fun and we were lucky to have John's parents and my family at our house. Our first hosting of a holiday! Though I can't really say it was 100% hosting when I had my mom and mother-in-law helping with so much of the cooking and preparation. So I guess I cheated.

Jack did really well with the whole thing. And seemed much more aware of what was going on than I thought he would. He played with his new presents and enjoyed the whole process. Though we had to take a break in the middle of gift opening for a nap. It was too much to take for the little guy!

Anyways, I have tons and tons of pictures but I've narrowed it down to just "tons" of pictures. Thought the easiest thing to do would just be to post them. So enjoy!

Breakfast before presents. Champagne to celebrate Jack's first! (He did not partake.)

Jack skyping with the east coast relatives

Jack, Jan, John, and Joel sky ping with Aunt Joelle who was nice enough to make those amazing "Joel original" t-shirts. Jack was jealous.

Unloading his stocking

Playing with his Christmas bear

Listening to his Christmas book from cousins Maddie and Isabelle

Listening REALLY intently

Hanging up "Baby's First Christmas" ornament

Eating wrapping paper of course

Jack with Grammy

My sweet boy giving me a hug

John's excited by Jack's gift

Playing with his new walker from Aunt Julie

Grabbing daddy's glasses

Playing with his new maracas

Me and my parents with the bird


  1. Totally adorable! His first Christmas!!! I love that he's old enough to get into presents :) And the matching shoes are awesome.

  2. Great pictures Lisa! It looks like Jack had a lovely time with all his favourite people :)

  3. so many cute pics here! that one of jack swiping john's glasses is a classic. and i love those pjs! (jack's, i mean. john's could benefit from some reindeer footies.)

  4. He's so adorable! :) Merry Christmas! (a little late)