Friday, January 6, 2012

Five for Friday: New Year's "Ideas"

My top 5 New Year's "Ideas":
I hate New Year's resolutions. Probably because I inevitably never follow through with them after, say, a week or two. So these are ideas. It would be nice if they would happen but, hey, I won't hold my breath.

5. Read more books. I recently read the "Hunger Games" books and remembered that reading is pretty awesome. I should do it more.

4. Eat less. Eating better would be awesome but probably not realistic. So if I could eat less when I eat the bad stuff.... Maybe?

3. Try to put down my phone more while I'm playing with Jack.

2. Continue a caffeine-free existence. I had been caffeine-free since I got pregnant in May 2010 but over the holidays I had some regular coffee and Diet Coke. Man, do I regret that since I now have headaches and big peaks and valleys. Now I'm back to caffeine-free and hope I can stay that way.

1. Have more patience when dealing with a fussy Jack or a Jack who doesn't want to sleep at 2am.

What are yours?


  1. Especially love the no caffeine one :)

  2. I can relate to #'s 4 & 3!! And I recently started back on Diet Coke after 2.5 years of boycotting it (weak).
    Good luck with your goals. I'm about to start reading The Help (yep, I'm a bit behind everyone else)!

  3. that i can't even write this list without rolling my eyes at my(delusional)self is pretty telling, but whatever, here goes:

    5. eat less menchie's and macarons
    4. more prep cooking on sunday, less wasting of fresh produce
    3. waste less time on internet, spend it writing (at least i'm aware of the irony here)
    2. get out of bed 15 minutes earlier
    1. stress less about violet

  4. I am very impressed that you've gone caffeine free for so long. I was caffeine free during the first seven months of my pregnancy and the first two months after Linus was born. I only need one americano in the morning, but man, I need that one americano.

    Here's my list:
    5. Actually grade according to a schedule, instead of all the papers at once the night before.
    4. Get to bed by 11pm at the latest.
    3. Get more adventurous about taking both of the kids out on my own.
    2. Read books I might actually teach.
    1. Clean the apartment more regularly.