Saturday, January 7, 2012

Today Jack is...46 weeks old.

We are slowly marching towards 52 weeks and Jack is getting bigger and bigger. Some people swear that he looks bigger than he did last time they saw him two weeks ago. They may be right because I swear that he is taller because he can reach into higher drawers. Which is not good. The past few days he's hung off the highest drawer trying to do a pull-up. Of course this has resulted in him pulling the drawer off the track and essentially breaking it over and over again. He's just into everything. He climbs up on anything and everything and tries to push it or pull it or destroy it. Devilish little child...

Nowadays he's super into hide and seek and "chasing". I get down on the floor and crawl around the house and he chases me, giggling the whole time. Here he is looking around for Pop-pop and then finding him.

And here he is chasing Pop-pop into this giant box (his new favorite toy)...

Other new developments...he's discovered shadows and it's pretty adorable. The other day he was in his swing outside and I caught him staring at his shadow in awe. And every morning the sun hits the pool and makes these shadows on our ceiling that he loves. It's pretty cute. He also loves brushing his teeth. Of course, I use the term "brushing" lightly because I don't know how much he's actually cleaning his teeth, but he thinks he's doing a good job. Hopefully all 8 of his teeth are benefitting.

His dad can even make him laugh while he's brushing.

We took another trip to the zoo with Grammy and Pop-pop before they headed back to Pennsylvania. It wasn't quite as successful as the first...I think he was tired and it was just so hot (80 degrees after Christmas...what the heck?). But he again loved the lizard and wanted to give him a high five.

A last update, on his sleep. At almost 11 months he still takes every nap in my arms. Yes, I try to put him down but he wakes right up. I'm going to have to try to do daytime sleep training soon but we're working on getting back on track at night so I don't want to tackle two things at once. Besides, he's just so darn cute in my arms.

And now, (LOTS) more pictures from the week!

Modeling his "It's Always Sunny" onesie with pride.

Driving his "car" with Grammy

Reading with Aunt Julie

Yet another swing picture

Cruising around the family room

Playing with the broom

Waving to the birds next to the pool

Morning time with daddy!

Waiting for his dinner at Islands. A very successful outing. He loved the restaurant with all it's plants, tree, parrots, and tvs. And the endless french fries.

Family at the zoo

Pushing his friend Violet in the shopping cart.

And I didn't get much video of it, but what I did is downright adorable....


  1. thanks for capturing that cuteness on video! i know violet doesn't weigh much, but that walker sure does. pretty impressive feat of baby strength!

    love the giggling baby footage too, and very excited for our many future outings to islands.