Thursday, February 2, 2012

A Boy's Boy

This is sort of a random post but I am continually amazed at what an adventurous, daring, "boy's boy" Jack is. It really stands out when we are at the park with his play group. While the girls are daintily stepping around the playground (yes it's a stereotype but it's true in our group), the other boys are cautiously climbing one step at a time. They get to the top and think about whether they want to go down the slide. Meanwhile, my kid is literally doing laps around them. He flies up the steps past everyone, teases me by faking like he's gonna go off the sheer drop side then sprints to the slide. Usually I make it over in time to hold on to his shirt or his hand before he zooms down the slide. But today at the park he just laid down on his tummy and shot off. Bam! Flying down the slide head first. No guidance from mom. The kid can't even walk yet. Every time he dove down the slide he giggled hysterically. Obviously there are no pictures because I was frantically trying to make sure he didn't crack his head open.

soaking wet pants from crawling through all the puddles

In addition, I'd say 75% of his pants are permanently stained. Because he can't walk, he crawls through mud, dirty water, grass, sand, and muck. The wetter the better. Today at the park a woman dropped her thick red slushee (why?) drink and, like a homing beacon, Jack saw it and made a beeline. I caught him just as he had put his hands all in the gross combination of the sugary beverage and mud.

I say none of this to complain. In fact, I'm rather proud of my little guy for being adventurous and not scared of a little dirt. It makes for a little more work for me but I don't mind. Especially since he's clearly having so much fun.


  1. i can't believe he goes down the slide head first on his own! they really know how to pull the rug out from under your heart, don't they?

  2. Seriously. And as you say, good for Jack! Having raised a little boy who freaks out every time a drop of water gets on his clothing (A DROP OF WATER - you can imagine what happens when it's mud or food or something), I have to admire the fact that Jack has his priorities in order.

  3. Yes why?
    That is so cute how Jack goes for it down the slide all by himself, he is obviously having so much fun!! You are such a good mum Lisa.