Wednesday, February 1, 2012

Very meta.

I took the video above of Jack playing with a little noisy plastic ball. It's not very exciting but it's pretty cute. Did I mention he's adorable.

The video below is Jack watching the above video of him playing with the noisy plastic ball. I'm pretty sure this is modern art of some kind. Either way, it's pretty funny.


  1. SO cute! and i have to admit i feel vindicated that you likewise feel compelled to channel kc & the sunshine band when encouraging your kid to shake something. i often find myself going full out with horn section included. "shake shake shake (do do do do do do), shake shake shake (do do do do do do), shake you ba-all, shake you ba-all."

  2. come to think of it, i even do "brusha brusha, brush those tee-eeth" to the same tune! what's with that song??

  3. First, I have to admit that I ALSO use that song. Crazy. Crazy! (Simon has a similar habit, but his tendency is to set a lot of nursery rhymes to the tune of "Jingle Bells," such as his favorite "Hey Diddle Diddle" - if you try it, it makes sense, I'll give him that.)

    Second, THAT LAUGH!!! Love it.

    And now I'm going to go write an analysis of the second video's meta-narrative. Or I'll watch an episode of Top Chef. Could go either way.

  4. Love it!!! Nothing sweeter than the sound of baby giggles :)
    Thanks for sharing, he's gorgeous Lisa! Have I told you that? hehe