Tuesday, February 7, 2012

A Day in the Life

I've been meaning to do this forever but always thought about it about 4 hours too late. So here is our last Thursday in photos. (Inspired by Stacey)

6:15 am - Daddy's turn to do the morning bottle

6:44 am - Good morning kiss for Jackie

7:00 am - Peek-a-boo with daddy in the shower

7:30 am - Saying bye-bye daddy

7:45 am - Coffee (decaf) in my Christmas mug.

8:15 am - Examining his breakfast

8:35 am - Generously reading a book in the bathroom so mommy can take a shower

9:00 am - Time for a walk

9:20 am - Stop at Vons

9:25 am - pretty minimal grocery list today

10:30 am - Nap time

12:00 pm - Car ride to Mommy and Me class

12:20 pm - Welcome Jack! (with mommy Lisa)

1:00 pm - Cheerios with his classmates

1:15 pm - Six mirrors are better than one

3:45 pm - Bottle after afternoon nap

4:28 pm - Drive to the park while making Jack listen to K-Earth oldies

4:40 pm - Flying up the steps

4:41 pm - The top!

4:41 pm and 2 seconds - Aaannnddd...down to the bottom

4:55 pm - He finally wore a hole through his pants

5:15 pm - Sun is setting...time to go home

6:15 pm - Dinner time!

6:40 pm - Winding down with a book

7:00 pm - Clean hair

7:45 pm - Milk and cookie and sleeping baby for me...end of a long day.

9:00 pm - John is home, we can finally watch "Homeland", and I can do a blog post.


  1. i love it! more of these please! and that pic of jack diving headfirst down the slide is craaazy!!

  2. I agree. So awesome. I really need to do one of these.

    It's so great that you take Jack out to do so much stuff during the day. (And is it wrong that your post also made me miss Vons?)

  3. Love this post! I can't believe how much energy you have to do all that stuff with Jack.
    And he must not go to the bathroom all day (my assumption based on the lack of photo documentation).

  4. I loved this Lisa!! I love looking into your day and seeing what you guys get up to :) I will have to do one of these as well, but like you said, I think I would always start late lol
    I love how you wrote "and 2 seconds later..." he was back down the slide haha, he's so adorable!! What a fun day, makes me feel like I don't do much :0
    Hope today is just as good, enjoy those cookies!!