Thursday, February 9, 2012

Kids, kids, everywhere

The reason I haven't been posting as much:

Ruby, Jack, and Delilah

Our lovely friends from Portland are in town with their two kids and they've been staying at our house. Having a 4 year old, an 11 month old, and a 10 month old in the same house is quite a change from our quiet little existence. First of all, of course Jack's naps are exactly the opposite from little Ruby's. Then cute little 4 year-old Delilah is smitten with Jack and just wants to hug him and have him chase her. What does Jack want to do? Take his toys to the other room and play in quiet. Well, that's not fair. He does love smiling and studying Ruby and Delilah. He just sometimes needs a break.

The nighttime sleep situation has been so much better than I anticipated. For the most part, Jack has slept through Ruby's wake-ups and vice versa. The first night there was about an hour of "call and response" as John says. Ruby called out, then Jack answered, and back and forth for a while. My husband thought it was hysterical but I didn't see all the humor since it was 4am.

Anyways, we've loved having them in town and have definitely enjoyed our adult time after the kids are in bed at 7:30. Now we have to schedule a visit to Portland!

Here are some more pics from their visit.

Jack perplexed because Delilah seems to be burying herself in sand

Jack showing off

Jack learning about how girls play with stuffed animals

Delilah tackling/hugging Jack

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  1. i love that you got a tackle shot in action, and that ruby apparently thinks it's hilarious. very cute collection of pics!