Saturday, February 11, 2012

Today Jack is...51 weeks old.

This week Jack was mostly busy with his two young house guests. It was interesting to see him interact with kids in our house. Obviously he has his play group but having kids in the house when he woke up and went to bed was different. He took it as well as any only child would I suppose. Most of time he was smiley and intrigued by the girls. And a few times he just seemed to want them away from his toys and out of his house. But I thought he did pretty well.

He really seems to learn more and understand more every week. This week John got him to "give" him object after object to practice sharing. It was pretty neat. And one of Jack's favorite new games is to empty out his clothes hamper and then put each item of clothing back in, one at a time.

His obsession with laundry apparently knows no bounds though because he loves diving into the laundry basket. Hasn't quite figured out how to get out, but still....

Since John was home and the weather was gorgeous, we decided to take another trip to the zoo. Jack loved seeing the giraffe up close and personal.

This was as up close and personal as he could get to the gorillas.

For some reason he really wanted to hold his daddy's hand for part of the trip. It was pretty darn cute.

This week for the very first time, we had to give Jack some Infant Tyenol. It's really quite a miracle that he made it to almost a year without getting sick, but it was still hard to see the little guy in pain. He had a fever but I'm not sure if it was from teething or if he had a cold and cough. Anyways, all the aches and pains meant that he was quite cuddly. And needed something to gnaw on.

And now, more pics from the week!

Riding the chipmunk at the park

Playing daddy's guitar

Flying an airplane

Showing off his eating skills

Playing with Delilah's princess wand. He'd never seen such a thing.


  1. Oh, man, that one of him in the laundry basket is the cutest!

  2. Love that last pic Lisa, I love all of them really. How adorable that he wanted to hold his daddy's hand :)
    Such a busy boy! Liam loves chewing on straws too lol
    Not long til he's 1!!