Saturday, February 18, 2012

Today Jack is...52 weeks old.

You know what 52 weeks means? One year old! Woo-hoo! I can't believe my little baby is a year old. Nor can I really believe that I've done 52 of these weekly posts. I don't know if I'll keep them up. I mean, I hadn't planned on it because who in their right mind keeps track of a 65 week old toddler? But, at the same time, I like posting all my pictures from the week. So we'll see.

The pic above is Jack playing with his new toy guitar. He loves John's real guitar so much that I thought he'd like a toy one. And, guess what? He does. He's so cute.

This week our little guy further explored the magical world of toilets. He loves flushing the toilet and now is amazed by the swirling water and has a tendency to stick his hand in there to play with it. Yeah, pretty gross but the joy he gets out of it is pretty adorable.

There was another zoo trip this week where Jack ignored the giant 400 pound tortoises and instead focused on the cool wooden fence.

This week we tried to teach Jack about sharing and, shockingly, he sort of started giving stuff to me and John when we asked. He would pass it to us (and then take it back...but I don't worry about that.) Here he is sharing his Cheerio with daddy.

Of course, when his friends came over for his play group, he didn't exactly continue his sharing trend with his toys. But I'm hoping he'll learn in the next...4 or 5 years.

Anyways, his big birthday is tomorrow and John and I are excited to celebrate with him. There will be pictures of the celebration next week when I get back into town. Until then, more pics from the week!

Can you believe how tall he's gotten? He used to have to stand on his tip toes to reach the piano but no more!

Rocking out!

Playing with a birthday present from Aunt Julie

Sporting a pretty sweet cap for his rainy trip to Target

Me and my birthday boy

And because you have never have too many giggling videos...


  1. Feliz cumple, Jack! One already. Enjoy the celebration!

  2. Have fun and HAPPY BIRTHDAY JACK!!!!
    love, Aunt J

  3. Happy Birthday Jack! I'm so looking forward to seeing you when your Great Uncle Tommy and I visit at the end of March.

    Uncle Bobby, Aunt Patty, Sarah and Evan