Saturday, April 28, 2012

Week in Review - 4/28/12


 This week Jack was sick so there's not much to report. We stayed in most of the time with occasional trips to places I thought he couldn't make other kids sick. There was a lot of playing in our backyard. He certainly likes to do that so that passed some time.


 We also put a bird feeder in the backyard and, man, the birds certainly found it. Every day there are tons of birds (of all types) hanging out in the backyard. Jack loves them and occasionally one will even stay put long enough for him to get pretty close.


 This week he did something for the first time that was pretty funny. All of a sudden he marched me over to the garage and insisted we go in. Then he walked over to the car and banged on the door. Okay, so maybe he wanted to play in the car. I let him climb in the back seat but he insisted on sitting in the car seat. I asked him if he wanted me to drive somewhere and he said "yeah". Okay, so out we went. And about two blocks from the house he fell asleep. I guess he was just asking for a nap. Damn, he's cute.


 Okay, more pics from the week:

Being pensive in his little seat

sitting in the bushes

just thought this position was funny

hiding in his tents

getting dirty as usual

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