Friday, April 27, 2012

Five for Friday: Over-rated Movies

My top 5 over-rated movies:
i.e. movies I think are overrated but people seem to love...

5.  Blade Runner
4. Scarface
3. Avatar
2.  Citizen Kane
1.  2001

(I couldn't include many others like Crash, Inception, Lost in Translation, and Breakfast at Tiffany's)


  1. '2001' and 'blade runner' both in your top 5? how have we survived as a couple?

  2. 5. Wedding Crashers & The Hangover
    4. Citizen Kane
    3. Blue Velvet
    2. pretty much anything by Lars von Trier
    1. Gosford Park

  3. agree with everything, except i've never seen avatar or inception. i might've fallen asleep during inception on dvd, although i can't remember for sure (baby haze). 2001 has to be number one, although i can't say for sure on that either because i've never made it through without falling asleep. there are too many runners up to name, but off the top of my head, i'll add (i'm sure i'll get slayed here) almost famous and matrix. it's not that i don't like these movies okay. i just had the experience of "what's all the fuss" in the end. obviously there are dozens that i'm too dense to get, like a clockwork orange, and (my own husband will kill me) what about caddyshack as funniest comedy of all time? really? i didn't see it in the 80s obviously, but that movie doesn't hold up, except for the gopher.