Monday, May 21, 2012

2nd Haircut: Mission Accomplished


 Well, see those long locks? Those curls in back? They are gone. At first I was sad. But over the past two days his new haircut has really grown on me. He certainly enjoyed the little police car chair. And, though this picture may say otherwise, he was thrilled to get a balloon at the end.


 He looks older to me and just pretty different with short hair. I may miss the longer locks but I know it'll grow back very quickly. And now his Pop-Pop won't say he looks like a hippie. ;-)



  1. You won't be surprised to hear that I am a big fan of short haircuts - Jack looks adorable!

  2. He is so cute... with long and short hair! He sure does look like a big boy with the new haircut!

  3. Cute haircut, I don't think it would matter what style he had, he is so adorable!! You guys have such a lovely home btw :)