Sunday, May 20, 2012

Week in Review - 5/19/12


 Another full week of Jack dealing with being sick but he managed a few good moods. I mean, check out that smile. To brighten his day, Aunt Leslie dropped by with her dog Pepe and he was seriously excited. So cute.



 Pepe was nice enough to let Jack follow him around and pet him. His other favorite activity this week was stacking stuff up, or putting things in his cart, or organizing his things. He loves taking his squeeze snacks out of the kitchen drawer and stacking them up on the table. Good times.



He is enjoying Sesame Street videos quite a bit. Elmo's Song is his favorite and I certainly have it memorized.


 And, of course, his love of water supersedes anything else. Especially when he gets to run through the sprinklers with daddy.



 And now more pics from the week!

playing with dirt...there is nothing better.

after a hard day's swim

he falls asleep so easily in the car now.  it's awesome.

inside the bouncy house for the first time

opening all kinds of doors

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