Thursday, May 3, 2012

The tables have turned...


 That's Jack at about 4 weeks old. As detailed on this blog, he wasn't the easiest baby.  I, by no means, think he was the most difficult or the hardest baby to ever come along. And I know it could have been worse. But, at the time, using a very informal poll of our playgroup, it seemed that I had the most difficult infant. Ahh, the memories. There was that thing where he would scream bloody murder every time he went in the car. Choked and hyperventilated for five months. Or that thing where he wouldn't sit on a blanket for more than 3 minutes without crying at any of the playgroups. Or how he refused to ride in a stroller without screaming in protest. Or that slight problem we had where he wouldn't sleep for more than an hour or two at night. For months and months. But the funny thing is that the tables seem to have turned slightly. I've got this happy, somewhat mellow, cute kid. For some inexplicable reason he now really enjoys the car and will fall asleep while we're driving quite often. He'll go in the stroller for a semi-decent amount of time. He can now last for our entire two-hour weekly play date. And, drumroll please, he sleeps through the night! All of this while his little friends who were such amazing babies now throw temper tantrums about getting in the car seat and have started waking up in the middle of the night.

 I know all of this will even out and I'm sure we'll all be left with difficult, stubborn two year olds. But for now I'm enjoying my grinning, happy-go-lucky little boy.



  1. Wow Lisa, I didn't know you went through all that but I am so happy to hear the tables have turned for you all. I can't imagine Jack doing all of those things so you must be lying lol
    Look at him! Cutie pie that he is!

  2. Hooray! I always love seeing the comparison photos - it's amazing to really see how much he's grown up. And you and John have done an awesome job, not just hanging in there, but finding the joy in raising a kid, even when it's ridiculously hard.

    And who knows - maybe you'll get a long break, or he'll just stay mellow! Three is the new two, according to the internet and for us, four was the new two (though I think it was more the result of having moved back the introduction of a sibling).

  3. he's the one who f---ed up that pillow?!? that's it. he's going back.

  4. Facebook has ruined me. I instinctively tried to "like" John's comment.