Friday, May 4, 2012

Five for Friday: Scenes at an LA Park

The top 5 sightings at LA parks:

5.  Latina/Hispanic nannies with little caucasian toddlers

4.  Boys with extremely long hair

3.  Stay-at-home dads with diaper bags

2.  Expensive strollers

1.  Parents on their cell phones and iPhones ignoring their kids

Is it the same in your town?


  1. Not at all!! We are very far from the LA lifestyle!

  2. Now that Simon's school has been relocated to the grounds of a rather posh historic Episcopal church, yes - except for #1. The nannies were a surprise, but I guess a lot of the new families live on Capitol Hill, etc. Next year will be very different! Next year I imagine the number one sighting will be "children under the age of two running around in only their diapers," closely followed by "families comprised of 4 or more children."