Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Trains, Trains, Everywhere

This weekend the little guy was lucky enough to get a train table.  John's boss was trying to get rid of his since his son had outgrown it.  As Jack seems to love every train table we come across, I was excited to see how he liked it.  

So far he really enjoys playing with it.  He likes pushing the trains down the inclines and through the bridges.  Of course, he also likes pulling apart the tracks and knocking things down but I suppose he'll grow out of that.  

Our living room is now half consumed by a very large train table that doesn't exactly match the decor.  But seeing the delight on his face makes it all worth it.   


  1. SO JEALOUS. I love the train table! Honestly, it's worth it just to have something that the track doesn't automatically slide off of when they move the trains around.

  2. And so it begins...you will step on, sit on, and often find tucked away under a couch cushion, trains, cars and everything else with wheels :)

  3. awaiting violet's invitation. ;)

  4. Awesome! John's dad pretty much took over his living room with a set of train tables, and Paul's cousin Elijah (3) could not get enough.

    Also, I am in love with the chair in the first picture :).