Saturday, June 2, 2012

Week in Review - 6/2/12


 Well, I'm sorry I've been neglecting the blog.  Jack's grandparents are here staying with us and we also went out of town for the week so I was away from my computer.  But I'm back with about 1000 pictures and trying to wade through them all.  I'll save a lot for later in the week but here are more than you want I'm sure...

enjoying his rocking chair

giving me the stink eye

practicing his squatting...very popular these days

playing in his beloved house

his other new favorite position...lying on his stomach

carrying a bucket and helping his Pop-Pop with a home project

smiling at daddy's antics in the bath

enjoying his sweet ride at Home Depot

spinning his globe

playing in the sand at Huntington Beach

not quite sure he likes what he sees

warming up to the beach

at the zoo with Aunt Julie

"I'm sure glad we paid all this money to go to the zoo and play with their dirt."

lounging in his house

a stick and a rock - boy's best friends

my boy hanging on my lap. 

who i missed but was happy to have a night out with my friends.  :)


  1. Girls night out is a necessity. What a fun bunch!

  2. Great pics Lisa! Jack is looking older in some of these. Love the one of his tongue poking out in sheer concentration whilst helping out in the yard lol