Saturday, May 26, 2012

Week in Review - 5/26/12

Our little guy was kept busy this week by his visiting grandparents.  In fact, they tired him out day after day.

He is almost healthy but he's got this nagging cough and congestion in his lungs.  Oh well.  At least his nose isn't running constantly.  He was finally healthy enough to go to his fun class and he did some painting.  For the first time he didn't eat the paintbrush and managed to "paint" on his paper!  

Okay, mommy is also tired from a long day so here are the rest of the pics from the week!

exploring holding crayons!

more dirt

his new favorite game...playing in the pack n play


  1. Man, that swing looks like so much fun....

    And how great that he's already so interested in paint and crayons!

  2. those nap pictures are killing me. so cute.