Saturday, May 5, 2012

Week in Review - 5/5/12


 Check out that kid. My goodness. I'm just sad that it's a little out of focus. But that's what you get for photographing a quick-moving toddler with an iPhone. But there is Jack at the local kids discovery center enjoying the little outdoor water play area. Sure, it was cold and drizzling, but I couldn't keep the kid out of the water. All the other parents were forbidding their kids from getting wet but, come on, how could you say no to this face? He thought it was, literally, the most fun thing he's ever done in his life. I agree.



 We had lots of fun this week with many outings and play dates. Jack checked out the train table at the local Barnes and Noble and got a little too enthusiastic.



 I was afraid we were going to get kicked out but the nice employee took pity on us and let him play on the table. We took a local mommy and me class where Jack had his first painting experience. Not before I stripped him down to a diaper and smock though.


 Sadly, all he would do was put the paintbrush in his mouth so it was a very short art session. I'm not sure we have the next Picasso on our hands. What he really enjoys is climbing. Climbing up steps, climbing on the step stool, climbing on chairs and tables. He'll go up and down a flight of steps ten times. While he's getting strong and more sure on his feet, he's also finally starting to catch up to his friends with things like straws and sippy cups. He has discovered the magical world of juice boxes (and bags) and there's no going back.


 Oh man, he will suck one of those things dry in 45 seconds. But I'm happy he can now use a straw. And he's finally starting to hold his sippy cup sometimes. Not often, but sometimes. And I realize he's about 6 months late on this but I'm still excited.


 So the little guy is doing well. So happy he understands me so well! I tell him we have to get in the car and he runs over to the garage door where the car is parked. I tell him we are going to the store and he gets a shopping bag. I ask him to get his clothes out of the hamper and he goes over, opens the lid, and picks out his clothes. I tell him we are going to eat breakfast and he hightails it across the house to his high chair. Awesome!

 And now more pics from the week...

climbing up the wall

helping me make a salad

playing at the local indoor playground

playing with his friend Madelynn

lounging in one of his favorite closet

not an interesting pic...but I was just so happy he was devouring a banana

waving hi to me in his house.  man, he loves that thing.

at the zoo with his crocodile friend

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