Friday, June 8, 2012

Five for Friday: Easy Telltale Signs of Crappy Parenting

Jack has been a walking disaster lately and I'm sure people who glimpse us as we walk through Target or run through the park have noticed.

The top 5 physical signs of crappy parenting (lately):

5.  Soaked, drool-stained shirt

4.  Long (way too long) toenails

3.  Scraped and scabby knees

2.  Bruised and injured chin

1.  Mac n' Cheese and/or dirt in his hair


  1. Oh, the toenails! That's one of the things I'm most ashamed of when we have babysitters. It's then that I really realize how long Linus's nails have gotten.

    A good list, but I think that Jack's big bright smile cancels all that out.

  2. Hehehe and I have never noticed any of that in any of your pics! :)

  3. Um... yeah. That times 2 = my daily life. My kids (and me) are hot messes these days. But hey, at least we left the house!