Saturday, June 9, 2012

Week in Review - 6/9/12

Busy week for the little guy!  This past weekend his grandparents were still in town so lots of fun was had.  There was a beach trip to Malibu.


And there was a dinner outing to Islands which is one of the few restaurants nearby that is Jack-appropriate. (i.e. I am not embarrassed that he's throwing every single food and utensil on the ground.)


In other news, Jack started doing a bunch of new things this week! As I've mentioned, he's a late bloomer. We know he understands what we're saying and is capable of doing things, he just doesn't feel like it. And we've tried and tried to have him mimic us and do things, but he could not care less. Apparently he is going to do things when he damn well feels like it. For instance, we've been trying to get him to clap for literally 6 months. Everyone else can do it but he has refused. Then all of a sudden one day this week, clapping. And the little bugger knew he had done something special because every time he did it he looked at me and was like "where's my damn applause?"


 We've also been playing this game with him for about six months where we say "how big is Jack?" and then put our arms up in the air and say "soooo big!" Grammy and Pop-pop have worked hard every visit to try to get him to raise his arms when we say "so big". They left town again with zero success and then the next day?


Sooo big!! And he did it again and again. Damn that kid. His other favorite things this week include sitting on everything (plants, bushes, patio steps, flower beds, etc.), eating mac n' cheese, and RUNNING. Everywhere. No more walking. And now, more pics from the week!

running through the sprinklers again

play time with Grammy

beach with daddy

inside the farmer's market petting zoo.  he was more interested in the 
miniature kid chairs than the baby pigs

cooling down in the pool

flashing gang signs on the swing

peek-a-boo with his new slide

sleeping on our morning walk...
because it's hard to make it through the morning when you get up at 5:30

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  1. OMG the clapping video just made my day! adorable!!