Monday, June 4, 2012

Sea World Trip

Last week we went to Sea World in San Diego with Grandma and Aunt Julie.  He had been before but this time he was into different things.  In the pic above he's watching me pet the manatee rays.  Last visit he was really into the tide pools and touching the star fish.  This time?  Not so much.

He liked the aquariums and looking at all the pretty fish.

And he also definitely liked spending time with his Grandma and Aunt Julie.

But, by far, his favorite part of Sea World (and really the reason I wanted to go) was the Sesame Street toddler land.  Man, oh man.  He was a super fan.  First he played on the sunken bouncy floor with all the oversized blocks.


 He was so cute watching all the other kids and safeguarding his green block. But I was so proud of him. When he saw the other kids stacking up the blocks in the corner, he took his and marched across the whole floor and put his block on top of the stack. Way to go Jack! But of course the highlight was the water area. Oh my son. He loves to get wet. He ran through the flying arching water fountains with joy.


 And he stood and played with the water as it shot out of the ground.



 In the end he was soaking wet but a very very happy boy.


 Here are a few more pics and a little video.



  1. Gosh he is a real little boy now isn't he! Love all these pics Lisa, especially the one of you and him all snug in his towel :)
    What a great day out, it looks like he really enjoyed it all!

  2. i love all of the delighted faces, but i have to admit, what delighted me most of all was jack's expression in the starfish photo. i'd like a side-by-side comparison with a pic of john commuting to work.