Saturday, June 30, 2012

Week in Review - 6/30/12


 Another week where Jack seemed to learn all sorts of new things. He's finally holding his sippy cup all by himself all of the time and is also holding his squeeze-y snacks and the like. One funny thing he likes to do all the time now is make a questioning "huh" sound accompanied by an upturned "where is it?" Where is anything? If we come out of the store, where is the car? Where is his toy?  Where is dada? So cute.


 Let's see...he also started saying "pop" this week which is exciting. He got it from me singing "Pop Goes The Weasel" all the time. But he also uses it when he pops bubbles. But his favorite activity this week? Screws!! He loves loves loves using his screwdriver to turn the screws in his toolbox. And when we found another tool bench at our mommy and me class? He beelined right for it.



 At that same class I also saw him do something I've never seen him do...feed baby dolls. Maybe because we don't have any dolls in the house. But it was cute.


 Mark down this week as the week he also became OBSESSED with chairs. Oh man. The more rockin', tippy, and dangerous the better. He'll climb right up and rock the heck out of every rocking chair we find.



 Okay, enough talk. Here are more pics from the week!

Hooray for water!

Picnic with daddy

He loves laying down nowadays

look at those long legs!

getting pulled around by his friend Diego

three's a crowd in the wagon

he loves the front yard and he loves watching the cars go by

music time in class

signature squat position

boxes never get old

me and my boy at the picnic

enjoying his rocking chair seat with his Syracuse pillow


  1. He's a little cutie! And turning into a little blondie too :)
    Great pics Lisa, that's so cool he's doing some new things!

  2. These pictures are perfection! The expressions on his face...sigh <3